launched in Feburary 2019.

Welcome to FictionDepot, we are working on becoming more than just a forum for roleplay and writers of fiction. We want to be a center for all sorts of artistic expression.

Fiction Depot Community Rules
  • You must be 18+ as the site is community moderated.
  • This site is intended to be a repository of fiction. Please keep people's personal lives and information off of it. (i.e. No Cell #s, Facebook, Pictures intended to represent users, etc.)
  • Do not post illegal speech. (i.e. Sexualizing minors, obscenity, other people's copyrighted content, harassment, revenge porn)
  • Post content in the appropriate category. (i.e. Adult novellas in the Adult section)
  • Don't stray into the gray area for any of the above rules.
  • Content will not be deleted except by juries, content being reported to the staff as violating the rules, and/or takedown notices.
  • Do not attempt to pass on messages from users whose access has been terminated or otherwise attempt to bypass the technical controls we have in place.
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